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Most of my jewelry is made with titanium-coated quartz. Quartz crystals are an energy amplifier and aid in meditation, manifestation, focus, and intention setting. The titanium coating provides the beautiful colors and iridescent properties ("auras") but doesn't disrupt the natural energetic properties of the quartz. Colors make it fun--and who doesn't love fun?! But the colors have their own properties and meaning, too.

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Hi! My name is Erika Schmidt. I am the proprietress/artist/dreamer of Mountain Mantra... I'm very pleased to make your acquaintance! Mountain Mantra is the culmination of pretty much a whole life in the arts/crafts/retail world. I grew up with my mom and dad making stuff and selling it at craft shows, which evolved into retail stores. I was always encouraged to make my own things to sell to earn extra money. So as a little girl I dabbled in everything from embroidery to painting to beading to decoupage... arts and crafts were my world and I loved everything creative. My...

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