But What Does it Mean?

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But What Does it Mean?

Most of my jewelry is made with titanium-coated quartz. Quartz crystals are an energy amplifier and aid in meditation, manifestation, focus, and intention setting. The titanium coating provides the beautiful colors and iridescent properties ("auras") but doesn't disrupt the natural energetic properties of the quartz. Colors make it fun--and who doesn't love fun?! 

But the colors have their own properties and meaning, too:

Red: Energy, courage, inner strength, drive, romance, passion 

Orange: Strength, dedication, will-power, friendship, family, loyalty 

Yellow: Success, happiness, confidence, clarity, optimism, enlightenment 

Light Green: Awakening, learning, change, awareness, independence 

Dark Green: Renewal, growth, development, good fortune, prosperity, health 

Light Blue: Discovery, balance, understanding, serenity, calmness, openness 

Dark Blue: Trust, acceptance, recovery, patience, compassion, respect, faith

Purple: Wisdom, truth, judgment, long life, dignity, spirituality 

Magenta: Intuition, dreams, destiny, imagination, inspiration 

Pink: Creativity, originality, self-esteem, self-knowledge, insight, perspective 

Different colors are also associated with the different chakras... but that's a blog post for another day! 

I create all my pieces with the energetic properties of quartz in mind, being careful to keep my energy full of love, light, and positivity so that energy is transferred to you when you wear it, at least until you cleanse/charge your crystals with your own energies and intentions. (Wow... charging/cleansing crystals... I smell another blog post!)

Please never hesitate to reach out with questions about crystals! Thank you for your support--you are amazing!